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Cases and Voices

Berlin Innovation Agency at agility workshop

thyssenkrupp Academy

'Agility in Action' program for group leaders across various business units and affiliates

To accelerate agile transformation at Thyssenkrupp, we collaborated with tk Academy and delivered a 4-months-long ‘Agility In Action’ program. Participants experienced agile principles and tools, “New Work” rituals, and innovative methods and cultures applicable in daily workflow as well as in large priority projects. Our program was designed to empower leaders to instantly implement rituals and tools – from a meeting revolution to OKR goal setting to Sprints and KANBAN workflow design.

32 Participants
06 Modules in three days
04 Months of activation coaching
"Berlin Innovation Agency is a very reliable and trusted partner to us. With its competent and enthusiastic team, Berlin Innovation Agency has provided us with a high quality 4-month program that helped business unit teams become more agile in their working and leadership ways. The strong network, passionate energy and entrepreneurial know-how in the topic of change and agility of Berlin Innovation Agency clearly make the difference. " Burcin Ugurlu, Program Director & Head of Strategy, thyssenkrupp Academy
Estee Lauder High Touch Digital Bootcamp with Berlin Innovation Agency

Estée Lauder Companies

A grand transformation program breaking the silos between functional units and borders between country affiliates.

Over three years, we have developed and facilitated multiple programs for ELC EMEA and scaled them to dozens of country affiliates across the world. From Marketing transformation and data-driven decision making, to disruptive business models and radical customer centricity, to agile leadership and implementation of Sprint methodology – all our programs were fully tailored to the reality of the ELC organisation and market demands.

500+ Trained participants
20+ Business Units
10+ Priority projects
"I was part of a team that was challenged to transform our company in EMEA to do marketing dramatically different in 12 months, and in order to meet this challenge, we quickly realized that we could not go through the regular channels, including business schools, training organizations or consulting. Berlin Innovation Agency (BIA) and NUMA Paris were recommended to us through our network, and we were able to completely deliver our challenge. We worked with them in partnership and were able to design an innovative way of training and transformation that changed mindsets and ways of working and radically transformed our organization. We would not have been able to do this without the partnership and forward-thinking of NUMA in Paris and BIA in Berlin." Rhonda Bernard, Learning & Talent Development Director, Estée Lauder Companies EMEA


Multiple hands-on bootcamps with leadership participants from all over the world

BIA supports TOTAL in project boosters, accelerating future leadership teams with their priority innovation projects. In intense 3-4 day Sprints, our Coaches facilitate an entrepreneurial simulation to a corporate challenge. BIA also facilitates learning expeditions in Berlin for TOTAL teams.

80+ Participants
10+ Coaches
03 Bootcamps
"BIA successfully helped a group of Total's talents accelerate the development of their innovation project with the support of coaches and best-in-class innovative and agile methodologies. The Bootcamp was a great way to provide the participants with new work methods and mindset principles." Christine Halliot, Head of Leadership & Development Solutions, Total SA
"I have taken part in several of BIA's activities - bootcamps and public events. Each time I was impressed by how professional and energetic their team was. As a speaker, I always felt well briefed and onboarded on the content and the type of event. It is clear that BIA's team truly cares about what they do - and they know how to do it well!" Benjamin Thym, Managing Director, Offerista Group GmbH -
Signature innovation program Smart City Hub

Smart City Hub - our signature innovation program

Smart City Hub brings together corporates, startups, city officials, tech companies, and citizens reflecting a 360-degree view of the smart city innovation ecosystem.

Through our multiple program formats, we build smart city solutions that leverage the Internet of Things, data-driven innovation and software applications.

"Initiatives like this program bring together the right actors, including those in urban society, in an agile way. Together we will develop answers to urgent questions about our growing city." Ramona Pop, Senator, Senate for Economy Energy and Businesses in Berlin
"We are happy to participate in a project that develops visions for a climate and environmentally friendly city with a high quality of life. [...] Everyday mobility in cities has great potential to become much more efficient and environmentally compatible through digital technologies." Georg Abel, Executive Board Member, Mercedes-Benz Cars Sales Germany -
Develop solutions for smart city from the sphere of mobility, waste management, city planning, logistics, energy
“I really enjoy the cooperation with BIA because I can see the progress of the teams right away. The whole atmosphere is energetic and engaging. By working with different learning methods and approaching challenges from a variety of perspectives the program manages to create a big impact within little time.”
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