Leadership Must-Haves for Fast-Growing Companies

The 8-week open-cohort leadership program was designed with the mission to increase organizational resilience in climate-tech ventures and help leaders develop long-lasting leadership skills through actionable tools and frameworks, and peer learning.










Many fast-moving startups face a common challenge: a shortage of resources to enhance the essential managerial skills of their founders and leaders. This gap often hinders the growth of their teams and the overall progress of the organization. The consequence? A lack of focus on organizational development and leadership resilience, making it tough to boost organizational capabilities.

To address this challenge head-on, we've designed a program geared towards fostering organizational resilience within young tech companies in the climate industry. Our approach is grounded in agile project methodologies, leadership best practices, and team productivity. The goal is simple yet powerful: equip founders and leaders with the skills they need, providing them access to knowledge and tools that enhance performance, competitiveness, and resilience. This program is a tailored solution for those navigating the fast-paced world of tech startups in Germany's climate sector.

Jennifer Wallace

I enjoyed meeting so many people with different backgrounds but similar issues and challenges. This program is an excellent opportunity to focus on leadership topics and master them because we hardly find time to think things through during our daily work.

Jennifer Wallace, Product Team Lead @ The Female Company


We introduced an 8-week Organization Accelerator tailored for High Potential Climate Leaders. This program aimed to empower these leaders, enabling them to future-proof their organizations, enhance operational efficiency, and fortify their leadership and productivity skills. The program comprised six content modules, strongly emphasizing creating an environment for deep learning, practical application, and reflection across key themes: Team Leadership, OKRs & Goal Setting, Operating Model, Project Performance, Productivity, and Decision Making.

Our teaching methods prioritized hands-on engagement, encouraging participants to actively apply concepts and theories to real-world case studies, workshops, and exercises. This practical approach not only deepens understanding but also improves retention. Additionally, we provided ready-to-implement templates to ensure that the learning experiences translate into tangible results for both individuals and their organizations, always taking into account the unique paradigms of social enterprises.

Markus Förstl

The hands-on advice was practical and immediately applicable, addressing challenges in a fast-paced environment. The program stood out with invaluable peer coaching opportunities and open, engaging forums for direct interaction with trainers.

Markus Förstl, Head of Product @ STABL

Implementation challenges and peer feedback sessions, woven into our add-on assignments, guaranteed that participants effectively apply the learned themes within their organizations. An essential aspect of our program was the dedicated focus on peer exchange. Peer Group Coaching sessions offer participants a platform to connect and solve problems collaboratively. This fostered personal growth and helped leaders tap into the community's collective knowledge and support. This sense of belonging within the social enterprise cohorts promoted ongoing knowledge-sharing and collaboration among participants, proving particularly beneficial to leaders who often face shared challenges.

Claudia Perez

The program was well structured and on point, creating an engaging and hands-on experience. The peer exchange was particularly valuable. Thanks for your time and efforts and for all the leadership insights!

Claudia Pérez, People Development Manager @ Munich Electrification


Through two program cohorts, we empowered over 40 young leaders in the climate industry, providing them with a platform to reflect on challenges, expand their networks, and receive valuable coaching and feedback on their managerial approaches.

Patric Ayoub

Participating in the program has been a truly enriching journey. The insights, knowledge, and networks gained are invaluable for our leadership team. We were impressed with the depth and relevance of the content, aligning perfectly with our values and goals.

Patric Ayoub, Head of People & Culture @ Traceless

The program was centered around teaching straightforward canvases, frameworks, and tools that could be easily implemented. This approach led to immediate and visible improvements in learners' team-leading and working practices.

Engaging in community sessions within the ClimateX Hub allowed learners to connect with the broader ecosystem. This provided an opportunity to challenge their ideas about leadership and facilitated learning from experts in the field. The collaborative environment fostered by these community sessions proved instrumental in broadening perspectives and refining leadership skills.

About ClimateX Leadership Program

The project is supported by funds as part of the REACT EU program by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action of Germany and the European Social Fund.