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How our startups shape the future of Berlin?


Future City Incubator teams have big plans for their future as entrepreneurs. In the next 8 months they will work hard to grow from the inside to the outside and build sturdy scalable businesses that will make our life in the city easier.
In the next couple of months we will release in-depth interviews revealing the stories behind the projects, but before that – a quick teaser. We asked our teams “How do you make Berlin better?” and this is what they answered:


“We develop digital technologies to improve personal safety and to optimize emergency handling. Our vision is to modernize the way society deals with emergencies and to provide people with precise assistance. With our solutions we want to achieve that all people in Berlin feel safe”

Zag City 

“We are building a rental solution for the city that focuses on including benefits for all stakeholders. In our case these are regular tenants, small and medium landlords as well as the local governments. With Zag City, everybody wins – because losing shouldn’t be necessary!”


“We help real estate companies to collaborate internally across teams. Thus the teams execute projects with higher quality and speed. As a result, the citizens in residential buildings enjoy enhanced living experiences in their homes.”


“We want to make Berlin better by making home ownership accessible and affordable. Our purpose is to create a positive impact on society by enabling more people to invest in their own homes and build private wealth.”


“Our convenient Christmas Tree delivery service makes Christmas in Berlin better for everyone, not just for our customers; We make our footpaths nicer and easier to get around because we collect all of our Christmas Trees direct from our customers instead of leaving dead trees on the streets, and we make our air cleaner and our forests greener because we replant our Christmas trees. When you choose a WunderTree you choose a better Berlin.”


 “While space in urban areas is increasingly scarce, demand for storage space is surging. Kawaloo enables individuals and small business with unused space to rent it out to those who need it in a digital and convenient way. Our motivation is to support a more sustainable and efficient way of using existing space in our cities rather than taking up additional space.”


“We help the local government of Berlin to understand which issues and challenges young residents of the city actually care about.
At VoteRookie we focus on youth participation and aim to subdue the initial fear of the unknown which many young people experience when it comes to politics. By bringing city stakeholders closer together with Generation Zers, we make Berlin more diverse, collaborative and open to the city’s young inhabitants and their needs.”


Yoav Goldwein

Yoav Goldwein

Yoav is a program manager in Berlin Innovation Agency and a multi disciplinary Urbanist who set to facilitate the future of cities, communities and individuals in the global jungle. With special passion to social entrepreneurship Yoav works to support a more holistic approach to the startup world and help to find solutions with wider impact.
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