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Become part of our community of innovators and agile change-makers. Confessions is a series of public events, filled with war stories and impulses focused on new work. Get insights from practitioners, engage in the discussion and network with like-minded people.


Learn how to be the leader of the future. Choose between a one-time training bootcamp or the long-term transformation program and bring the most effective agile tools and methodologies to your organisation. We can become your holistic transformation partner.


A special upcoming online course for business executives. Get the training and coaching that helps you in becoming an agility champion. Join a community of like-minded people. Sign-up for the update list and be the first one to get notified about our launch.

New Work Confessions Events

Confessions is a series of free public events filled with honest stories during which professionals from different worlds share their experience, learnings, success and failures. It’s an ever-growing network of people who want to become the leaders of the future – agile, lean and innovative. From experienced CEOs, venture capitalists, entrepreneurs to corporate executives – our ecosystem is based on people who want to connect and grow.

+30 Speakers
+2k Guests
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A better world needs better organisations. And New Work is the window to a rethinking of organisations. It doesn't require technology or structural change to rethink the way we work and collaborate, the way we make decisions and priorities, the way we accelerate our strategic projects. Darius Moeini - Founder of BIA


New Work Training puts radical focus on priorities, effective communication and agile workflow framework. Training is a two to five day intensive bootcamp, designed to bring agility into your organisation. With the use of Sprint and OKR methodology, we train your team in decision making, team management and project culture.

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New Work Program is dedicated to those, who are in a need of full organisational agile transformation. Designed for the particular needs of your organisation, we make sure to guide you through the whole change process – preparation, facilitation and implementation. It is a cross-functional leadership program, that combines training, culture change, and innovation.

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10 Tools
15 Formats
200 Experts
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Executive business online academy masterclass about agility and innovation by Berlin Innovation Agency

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We are currently developing a high-level online class and community. We are bringing together a mix of entrepreneurs and corporate change makers, to create the ultimate course that will transform you into an agility mastermind. Want to get updates on the project?

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