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Innovation Programs

This is not a drill – our activation programs are designed for execution and implementation. Wether you want to launch a corporate entrepreneurship initiative to create new business models, or on-board startups to solve your operational challenges, or kickstart agile techniques to modernise your organisation – an activation program helps you get started instead of getting stuck in ‘analysis paralysis’. We aim to create a balance between upskilling, visibility, and most importantly: implementation. Work with us if you want to see action happening faster than usual.

How do we do it?



Our programs are based on proven tools and frameworks: Design Thinking, Open Innovation, Lean Startup, Scrum, and more. But: we are pragmatists. Over the years, working with large organisations, we have started to translate frameworks and startup mindset into a corporate and business context.


Program rituals

We love creating a rhythm to our programs – from decision-making rituals, to cross-functional knowledge sharing, to recurring demo pitches. By celebrating the rituals we re-define the collaborative DNA of an organisation and nurture momentum for change and the development of communities.


Innovation organisation

Innovation and Change projects are not one-hit-wonders. But many organisations treat them like one – we want to avoid that. Innovation Organisation and Innovation Accounting drive change and innovation leaders to build a community of change makers and a cross-functional and cross-project intelligence and learning culture.


Culture change

The tools are important, yes! But the key to progress lays in Culture Change. At all times, our program activities are designed to infuse a new and lasting mindset of agile leadership, change positivity, personal influence, and community culture.

Successful partnerships

Our signature Program

In 2017, we launched our own signature, multi-company program ‘Smart City Hub’. We are proud to have facilitated dozens of open ideation workshops, innovation challenges and PoCs, and public events. Today, the program has merged into our smart city circle and keeps growing our innovation ecosystem.

10+ Company partners
30+ Workshops and events
1k+ Innovators in community
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“Berlin Innovation Agency is a very reliable and trusted partner to us. With its competent and enthusiastic team, Berlin Innovation Agency has provided us with a high quality 4-month program that helped business unit teams become more agile in their working and leadership ways. The strong network, passionate energy and entrepreneurial know-how in the topic of change and agility of Berlin Innovation Agency clearly make the difference. ” Burcin Ugurlu, Program Director & Head of Strategy, thyssenkrupp Academy -
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