Multi-Facet Innovation Hub Support

Fujitsu teamed up with BIA Smart City Hub to introduce a Startup Partnering program aimed at fostering collaboration within Germany's innovation and smart city landscape. Over the years, this initiative has evolved into comprehensive and multifaceted support for Fujitsu's strategic and innovation activities.









Digital Transformation for Smart Buildings

Fujitsu and RunMyProcess joined forces with the BIA Smart City Hub as Ideation Partners inspired by the successful collaboration at the Innovation Hub's events and activities. Seeking an external perspective on operational challenges, Fujitsu engaged with BIA to facilitate cooperation with startups Comydo and LeafTech. Together, they developed a cutting-edge portal tailored for building managers, offering a customizable menu of services.

BIA introduced a collaborative framework designed to bridge the gap between large organizations and startups, facilitating the co-creation of pilot solutions or empowering startups to address operational and technological challenges. By embracing experimentation, Fujitsu and RunMyProcess accelerated their actions, adopting a new agile approach to problem-solving.

The project unfolded in three key phases. Initially, Fujitsu and RunMyProcess addressed specific challenges, paving the way for developing the technological MVP. Utilizing the BIA Challenge Definition Canvas, problems were systematically evaluated with a user-centric focus, providing valuable insights into user needs, values, and interactions.

In the second phase, BIA carefully selected potential collaboration partners based on customer needs and interviewed 20+ startups to identify suitable co-creators for the experimentation process. In the end, startups Comydo and LeafTech were chosen as the most relevant partners.

The third phase marked the beginning of collaborative work, with stakeholders collaboratively developing the solution and the required tech infrastructure. Throughout each phase, BIA played a pivotal role in facilitating the process and offering support where needed.

The project culminated in the launch of 'RunMyBuilding,' a cloud-based portal offering a customizable range of services for building management. The MVP debuted with two sample services focused on energy and access management, showcasing the potential for innovative solutions in the field.

Ecosystem Access: Ideation Workshops

Over the past three years,  Fujitsu and BIA have joined forces to orchestrate an annual Ideation Workshop, convening luminaries from corporate, municipal, and startup sectors to discuss the complex challenges of smart city development.

The Ideation Workshop serves as a hub for collaborative problem-solving, offering a platform for open discussions on challenges, exploring potential solutions, and fostering networking opportunities.

We are aiming to constantly expand our ecosystem with co-creation and co-innovation with the help of such workshops: We are looking for partners and customers who are interested in working with us towards the SDG and ESG. It is important to stress that sustainability and profitability are not competing goals, but goals that can and should go hand in hand.

Stefanie Horn,  Business Development Manager New Technologies @ Fujitsu

BIA provided end-to-end solutions to Fujitsu, orchestrating impactful events that tackle crucial topics such as post-pandemic urban mobility and energy-efficient building systems.

BIA's event-building services encompassed event management, curating engaging content and speakers, involving stakeholders, and facilitating follow-ups and introductions. Furthermore, BIA utilized social media campaigns to extend the events' reach, enabling Fujitsu to connect with potential partners and clients and optimize networking prospects.Companies that participated in Ideation Workshops:

Participating organizations: Vattenfall, BIM, IKEA, degewo, BVG, BSR, Technologie Stiftung Berlin, Lime, Ubitricity, Deutsche Bahn, City of Berlin

The event effectively engaged different stakeholders offering them a platform to connect, collaborate, and exchange insights. Through stimulating discussions and the Design Thinking Sprint, we supported participants in fast-tracking their solutions and co-creating their prototypes in half a day.

In times of energy shortage and rapidly rising energy prices this is an important approach for private AND public companies and institutions worldwide. That's why we like Ideation Workshop format that helps quickly come up with new solutions and with people whom we often did not know before. We generally need to become much faster and more assertive to save our future.

Katrin Schleife, Business Consultant Smart City @ Fujitsu

This collective involvement empowered participants to harness their expertise and experiences, leading to innovation and progress in their respective fields. The program's impact was evident not only in the participation of over 60 C-Level executives and more than 100 interactions with industry experts but also in the enduring relationships formed and the tangible outcomes of these collaborations.

Ideation workshops gather key stakeholders to co-ideate solutions to specific challenges
BIA regularly hosts industry workshops to bring together the right stakeholders

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