Accelerating the future of digital healthcare

With the sole mission of redefining the future of healthcare, the Future Health Accelerator was a pre-seed, equity-free startup program committed to empowering early-stage innovators operating at the convergence of healthcare and technology.










The challenge in the Future Health Accelerator was to accelerate early-stage entrepreneurs within 8 months. The accelerator aimed to create significant impact through the transformation of the healthcare sector, bolstering the development of cutting-edge health and wellness solutions.

It is a very focused program for early stage founders. The flexibility helped us focus on what is important at the start but still provided us with great coaching and training to speed up the process.

Yannick Schmid, Co-founder @ Me App


We crafted an 8-month accelerator program that supported the entrepreneurs in the following ways:

Financial Support

We provided equity-free, pre-seed financial and in-kind assistance support for the founders in the program. This support provided the entrepreneurs with the necessary resources to fund their early stages of development.

Strategic Guidance, Mentorship, and Community
Entrepreneurs in the Future Health Accelerator received strategic guidance and mentoring aimed at boosting their healthcare innovations. Working from a top co-working space, they also gained access to an exclusive community, fostering collaboration and shared learning experiences.

Access to the Extensive BIA Innovation Hub Network
The accelerator opened doors to the extensive BIA Innovation Hub network, connecting startups with corporates, investors, and city stakeholders. This network provided invaluable opportunities for partnerships, funding, and exposure, elevating the potential for success.

Cross-Sector Collaboration Programs and Events
Participants in the Future Health Accelerator had the opportunity to engage in programs and events for cross-sector collaboration, organized in collaboration with the BIA Innovation Hub. These initiatives broadened horizons, facilitated knowledge exchange, and contributed to the overall growth of the startups.

Meet and Learn! With BIA, we managed to meet a lot of incredible people from the healthcare industry that we would not have otherwise. Thanks to them and thanks to the other startups, to have been in the same room with us and exchanging on all the initial difficulties that early-stage founders have: It reduced the pain.

Mattia Caruson, Co-founder @ Mama Health


20+ Startups and 30+ Founders Accelerated

Within 2 cohorts, the accelerator accelerated over 30 founders from more than 20 startups, all working on critical healthcare domains.The Future Health Accelerator's commitment to fostering innovation, coupled with its comprehensive support system, positioned it as a pivotal player in the dynamic realm of digital health startups. The transformative impact on healthcare promised to be a testament to the enduring power of innovation and collaboration in shaping the future of health.

Success Stories

The Blood - Leveraging female health opportunities.
Mama Health - Empowering patients to be active participants in their own care.
Mentalyc - Effortless automated notes for mental health providers.
Glaice - Personalized exercise support to those living with chronic diseases.
F-50 - AI-powered app that digitalizes and supports the treatment of eating disorders.

If you’re intrigued by the startups that emerged from the Future Health Accelerator, check out our full startup portfolio.

The project is supported by funds from the European Union (European Social Fund) and the State of Berlin.
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