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Learn more about our initiatives to develop a prominent and large smart city ecosystem encouraging collaboration and exchange between all stakeholders.


We support the co-creation process of experienced corporates and innovative startups to develop a pilot solution to a specific urban challenge.


Our signature incubator-program, supporting pre-seed startups to reach the next steps in the smart city ecosystem.

Community events

We bring together corporates, startups, city officials, tech companies, and citizens reflecting a 360-degree view of the smart city innovation ecosystem. Smart City Hub main activities are:

Open Ideation and design thinking workshops, to gather together multiple smart city stakeholders. Participants combine their expertise to co-ideate, connect and create synergies. They are dedicated to our partners – anyone interested to join is welcome to apply for an invitation. 

Smart City Meetups are public events, created to develop a prominent and large smart city ecosystem. BIA’s Smart City Hub encourages collaboration and exchange between peers from different backgrounds.

12+ Events per year
100+ Companies
2K+ Growing Community
Ideation Co-Creation Urban Tech Cross-Sector Collaboration Connected Industries

Corporate Partners of Smart City Hub

Kristin Bauermeister at Smart City Hub Ideation Workshop

Innovation Challenges

The Open Innovation Challenge is a time-bounded co-creation process between a strong company and a pioneering partner with the aim of developing a prototype solution for a specific need in an urban context.

Embark on an innovation journey to tackle urban challenges by working with start-ups, cities and technology partners to develop pilot solutions while strengthening your position as an innovation leader.

We support the entire process of value creation by providing facilitation, guidance, and valuable connections, and by bringing together the expertise and resources of various industries.

Initiatives like this program bring together the right actors, including those in urban society, in an agile way. Together we will develop answers to urgent questions about our growing city. Ramona Pop, Senator, Senate for Economy Energy and Businesses in Berlin

BIA Future City Incubator

Our startup incubator is dedicated to our beloved cities and all entrepreneurs challenging the status quo of urban life. We support projects in their early stages of development, help with valuable advice, and encourage the personal growth of the founders. Being part of the incubator offers you an equity-free investment, the possibility to work in an innovative space in Berlin, and become involved in our Smart City network and community.

Our methodology is based on startup frameworks and supported by entrepreneurial mentoring, coaching, and smart city experts.

Over the next two years, we will enable young talents to sharpen their companies’ concepts, strengthen their team spirit and increase the speed and readiness to launch their products to the market.

30 Founders
6-8 Months of residency
12+ Innovative projects
Incubator Venture Development Mentorship Funding Network Smart City Sustainability

Our Teams

Develop solutions for smart city from the sphere of mobility, waste management, city planning, logistics, energy

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