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How our startups shape the future of Berlin?

  Future City Incubator teams have big plans for their future as…

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Can cities adapt to the new jobs crisis?

In the year 2018, humanity is in the midst of the third…

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Releasing our signature startup program: Future City Incubator

Future City Incubator has started its open call looking forĀ  pre-seed startup…

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Smart City Meetup

Berlin Innovation Agency, the facilitator of Smart City Hub, invites you to…

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Fujitsu & RunMyProcess Startup Challenge

End to end digital platform development with RunMyProcess RunMyProcess, a Low-Code application…

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Alba Challenge: Waste Trucks as Sensor Platforms

How can waste trucks provide high-resolution information on the state of urban…

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Daimler Challenge – Pattern-detection in tourist-flows

How can local retailers, mobility providers and city agencies better understand patterns…

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A new sector for cross-industry innovation

The next step for connectivity in cities: 5G

In the context of our Smart City Hub we are involved in…

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A new sector for cross-industry innovation – Keynote by Darius Moeini

“Think of a connected city – instead of a connected mobility system….

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