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The Journey to Building a Tech MVP

In the past 6 months Fujitsu – the leading Japanese information and communication technology (ICT) company, and RunMyProcessa Fujitsu company – a Low-Code application process for enterprise companies; have been developing an exciting MVP (Minimum Viable Product) with the aim of addressing urban challenges in the sector of building management.

The project, in collaboration with the startups Comydo and LeafTech, was orchestrated by  BIA Smart City Hub, and consisted of integrating data from one or more startup companies into the RunMyProcess platform to co-develop a solution in the city of Berlin.

The Challenge:

BIA was responsible for coordinating the development of a multi-stakeholder MVP project, as well as connecting Fujitsu and RunMyProcess with startups and other partners.

To reach this point, an innovation process was implemented to develop a rapid MVP in the smart city context. The outcome of the MVP is a Cloud Portal for building managers that offers a menu of individually selectable and configurable services for building management. 

The main steps to develop the project are listed below and are based on Lean Startup and Design Thinking methodologies.

1- Define Problems and Opportunities

The first step in building an MVP is to define the problem aiming to be solved, the needs of different stakeholders and the sector to work with. For this, a workshop was organised to identify a possible space for solutions. Based on the BIA Challenge Definition Canvas, problems and  possible solutions were evaluated having a user-centric approach. The tool gives the opportunity to better understand the user needs, values, and interactions. The results were then validated in different interviews with potential customers and users.

2- Source Partners

After running feedback sessions and validating the possible solutions, BIA screened the German startup ecosystem for possible technology partners, gathered the most compelling candidates from different smart city sectors, and interviewed them to pick the most suitable enterprises.

The goal was to see how the startups could fit into the project and become co-creators of the experimentation process.

After careful analysis of promising partners,  Fujitsu and RunMyProcess decided  to work together with the Startups Comydo and Leaftech due to the good synergy with their technologies.

3- Develop & Experiment

At this stage, BIA organized a two-day bootcamp to set up the collaboration between all stakeholders, to ideate on concrete use cases, select the MVP functionalities and tech infrastructure, and to define the roadmap for the next months. The process was guided by our Senior Program Manager Kristin Bauermeister using the BIA MVP Canvas, created for validating possible solutions and framing MVP projects.

After the facilitation of the workshops the process moved forward in the following weeks with the creation of the tech infrastructure. For this, the selected startups Comydo and Leaftech worked together with RunMyProcess to build the technical infrastructure, define roles, and develop the portal.

The collaboration was supported by continuous coaching sessions and project management calls in a fast decision making mindset. Working at a pace of a startup paid off and together with the expertise of RunMyProcess the project advanced from a sketch on the wall to a Tech MVP in just five weeks.

At this point other potential partners and relevant stakeholders were interviewed with the aim of collecting feedback and iterating the initial concepts of the project.

4- Launch

After one and a half months of development, the cloud portal, called ‘RunMyBuilding’, launched the MVP with the 2 startup sample services in energy management and access management. The idea is to continue to integrate several services into the portal with the aim of solving the needs of both new and existing buildings.

Within this project six different companies were brought together to create a multi-stakeholder collaboration process for the creation of a rapid tech MVP. ‘RunMyBuilding’ is currently in the experimentation phase, testing the services and collecting feedback from real users and customers.

Be part of RunMyBuilding

Interested startups can apply to be part of RunMyBuilding’s service pool and expand their business opportunities and customer base. For more information, please contact:

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BIA Team

BIA Team

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