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Agile Leadership

Let’s rethink the way we work. Equip your teams and leaders with an agile mindset and way of working including proven tools and techniques tested in fast-moving organisations. Increase speed of action, encourage faster decision-making and become more agile at work in terms of daily process, team management, and project culture.

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What do you get?

  • A highly motivated group of participants that become change makers in your organisation.
  • An occasion to reflect on your companies ways of working and to discover quick wins.
  • An executive leadership program, combining agile transformation with personnel development.
  • The nurturing of communities across functions to build transformation momentum.
  • A refreshing change of tone of New Work, combining purpose with business performance.
“Darius and his team did an amazing job. The program 'agility in action' absolutely inspired me to adjust some of our daily habits and working ways. Thanks to him and his team we significantly improved our email communication and greatly reduced alignment meetings that just weren’t necessary. The program inspired me to think more agile which resulted in new concepts that were developed bottom up (e.g. culture workshop), in the end motivating the whole team.“ Stefanie Littau, Head of Personnel and Development, thyssenkrupp Digital Projects -
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