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Customer Centricity Training

Combine the worlds of innovation and customer centricity by applying design and data thinking to explore your customers pain points and high points. Playfully detect customer innovation potential in a learning environment working with entrepreneurial techniques and mindset.

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What do you get?

  • A clever way to experience design thinking without overdoing the methodology focus.
  • The combination of customer-focus and data thinking to create more digital and data awareness.
  • A training bootcamp based on your existing customers – leaving participants with real ideas and outcomes.
  • A training to bring together the innovation ecosystem with the market and business units.
  • A high-energy learning experience outside typical offices leaving participants excited and good spirited.
“I really enjoy the cooperation with BIA because I can see the progress of the teams right away. The whole atmosphere is energetic and engaging. By working with different learning methods and approaching challenges from a variety of perspectives the program manages to create a big impact within little time.“ Hester Hilbrecht, CEO, Mermaid Studios -
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