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Berlin Learning Expedition

Provide teams and leaders with an immersive and inspiring experience, enabling them to think out of the box. Combine industry deep-dives and networking with masterclasses and workshops and deliver a hybrid learning experience in Europe’s most dynamic innovation ecosystem.

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What do you get?

  • Full immersion into the Berlin ecosystem from all potential stakeholder angles.
  • Discovery of the industry’s newest trends and opportunities to reflect within your team and externals.
  • Experience new ways of working – mix and match visits with keynotes and workshops.
  • Great networking opportunities with the innovation leaders of your industry – both startup and corporate.
  • A highly inspired group of leaders – with a boosted confidence developed throughout the training.
“Working with BIA was (and continues to be) an outstanding experience. We had a great time curating simple but effective ways of training a diverse corporate audience in state-of-the-art New Work techniques.“ Rakesh Kasturi, CEO, sprintdoctor, Google Design Sprint Expert -
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