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Startup Innovation

Empower your employees and equip them with entrepreneurial mindset, methodolgy and techniques to autonomously develop and implement new business and innovation ideas. Learn how to think like an entrepreneur within the corporate context.

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What do you get?

  • Infusion of agile techniques and entrepreneurial mindset into the organisation.
  • A refreshing challenge sprint with a real outcome at the end of the bootcamp.
  • An exciting startup bootcamp leaving participants guaranteed in good spirits and hungry for change.
  • A massive confidence boost for the participants as they are empowered to act like a startup.
  • An opportunity to tap into the existing idea pool and play out a corporate startup scenario.
“BIA successfully helped a group of Total's talents accelerate the development of their innovation project with the support of coaches and best-in-class innovative and agile methodologies. The Bootcamp was a great way to provide the participants with new work methods and mindset principles.“ Christine Halliot, Head of Leadership & Development Solutions, Total SA -
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