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We are BIA, a 360° entrepreneurial agency and academy. We design New Work and Startup initiatives for established companies. Our Training Bootcamps and Innovation Programs are designed to create momentum for Entrepreneurial Organisations.

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A 360° approach to corporate startup and venture development.

Corporate and Mittelstand organisations are destined for creating powerful new ventures. We love working with innovation teams, business units, and executive teams on company development - whether end-to-end, as a company building project, or with individual services and advisory to fuel your already running processes. We break down the development process into 5 levels of architecture:



What are the business paradigms of this venture, independently from your corporate organisation? What are the growth engines, the commercial frameworks, the funding and decision making mechanisms? Based on our experience with 100+ startups, we can help you break down the business equation for your new project in the digital economy.

Business Architecture


Understanding the user's pain and high points are only the first step of an iterative process of designing a digital or blended customer and buyer experience. Investing in intelligent hypothesis design, prototype and MVP development, user testing and iterative design will increase the likelihood of sustainable success.

Product Architecture


Developing a strong and scalable technology architecture is key when your new venture hits its growth stage. Our long-term technical partners help to develop frontend, backend, apps, and connected devices in the most agile and performant manner. Build on trusted relationships to deliver your projects as agile, fast and strong as possible.

Tech Architecture


Often overlooked, the creative architecture of a new venture or innovation project can define its adoption rate and growth rates. Creating momentum requires not only a strong visual identity but also intelligent communication and community development. Our partners and service providers support us in developing winning creative strategies and executions roadmaps.

Creative Architecture

We believe in developing new corporate ventures in the first step as if they were independent startup ventures. This ensures the realistic assessment of sustainable success scenarios. In a second step, these ventures can leverage the corporate mothership and its assets and customer base. And vice versa, how will HQ leverage the startup, as a spin-off, integration in a business unit, or other scenarios?

Corporate Integration Architecture