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In the past months, we received more than 130 applications for the first batch of the Future City Incubator.  

The BIA team and our panel of judges – which was made up of people from the public and private sectors; partners, investors and experienced entrepreneurs- selected from a diverse range of applications eight teams for the first cohort of the program.

We proudly introduce the startups who made it: Assetbird, Asumma, Calima, Hiive, Kawaloo, VoteRookie, Wundertree, and ZagCity.

Over the next 8 months we will support the teams in all stages of development to prepare their businesses for market launch, funding, and enable access to a strong network within the Smart City Hub.

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Assetbird offers the specialized collaboration solution for acquisition teams of real estate companies. The right information, team members, communication and documents are connected throughout the acquisition process. Investors of all sizes and investment strategies use Assetbird to link their teams and unify their systems. They will continue to develop their software for the management and maintenance teams of real estate companies.



Asumma’s mission is to make home ownership affordable and available faster with a hire purchase model. Their solution for step-by-step home purchase has a great potential in strengthening the middle class and having a positive impact on society. People will have the opportunity to buy their own house or apartment and at the same time accumulate assets.



Many app publishers, such as mobility service providers, address or even expose customers to situations with an increased security risk. Calima offers a service for companies that enables their customers and employees to get help quickly in an emergency. Thanks to the shared infrastructure and resources, Calima can offer this at a much lower price than an in-house solution would cost.



In the last fifty years, 24% of the bees of German beekeepers have died. Hiive is a beehive which creates a natural and safe habitat for bees based on scientific knowledge. The innovation behind Hiive can provide beekeepers with a tool which could drastically increase the survival chances of the bees.



Kawaloo is an online marketplace based on the idea of developing unused space (e.g. cellars, attics, garages, parking spaces, free spaces), especially in large cities, and enabling users to rent or lease this space via a digital platform.



Boldly described as the “Tik-tok for politics”, VoteRookie is a democracy app that enables Millennials and Generation Z to more easily participate and engage in political processes and legislation. Through elements of gamification and improved democratic user experience, this target group is motivated to participate in politics and influence decisions. The project ensures that the user experience of political processes is improved through intelligent Civic Tech.

Website: not yet.


For the customer WunderTree is a practical online service that helps him to experience less stress at Christmas and at the same time makes a positive contribution to the environment. With WunderTree, customers can order online a premium Christmas tree that lives in a pot. And  conveniently delivered to their front door. After Christmas, Wundertree’s exceptional team returns to collect the living Christmas tree and replant it in a private forest where it will grow, compensate for our carbon emissions and help us in our fight against climate change.



Zag City GmbH was founded with the aim of redesigning short-term subletting in urban areas. The project enables the fair, legal and transparent subletting option of the future by reinterpreting the tenant-landlord relationship in connection with the city and thereby leveraging previously unknown advantages from the value chain.



In the next couple of weeks we will be sharing interviews with each startup and presenting insights on their businesses and how they want to have a positive impact on the city of Berlin.

Screenshot of our virtual kick-off meeting with the 14 participants of the program.






Thomas Eichhorn

Thomas Eichhorn

Thomas is program manager at Berlin Innovation Agency and runs the Future City Incubator and Hub. He has experience in the startup scene in Germany where he led different editorial and data-based projects for a publishing house in Berlin. Thomas is interested in playing a role that contributes to the development of more sustainable, connected, and efficient cities around the world.
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